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Frequently Asked Questions



How quickly can I get a roll-off bin for rent?

The same day if you order early or the next day based on order volume and inventory.


Where can my roll-off bin for rent be placed?

Your roll-off bin can be placed in any spot on your property or building site that’s convenient for your purposes and doesn’t pose a safety hazard. 

For residential homes, driveways, and yards are the most common areas for bin placement. For construction sites, any clear spot within property boundaries may work. If you wish to put the dumpster on a city street, you’ll most likely have to obtain a permit.

We use sturdy rubber mats to allow our bins to roll smoothly without causing any harm to your driveway


What Items can fill the bin for rent with?

Anything that isn’t recyclable and we do not accept any hazardous material.

Recycling materials that need to be separated are the following:

  • Clean wood
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Drywall
  • Contaminating materials
  • Tires
  • Concrete
  • Appliances, small and large

"How to Save on Roofing Material Disposal and Meet Recycling Standards?"

To mitigate the expenses associated with disposing of roofing materials, one approach is to place metal, cardboard, and pallets on top of the load without shingles or any other materials blocking the eaves of removal.

Recycling Fee: BINS FOR RENT imposes a $50 charge for recycling metal, cardboard, and pallets. This fee is likely intended to cover the costs associated with sorting and processing these recyclable materials.

Dumping Costs: The cost of dumping roofing material is significantly higher if recyclable materials are mixed in. Specifically, without any recycling mixed in, the cost is $155 per ton. However, if recycling materials are mixed in, the cost rises to $365 per ton.

It’s important to note that BINS FOR RENT will not sort the materials if they are not placed on top of the bin, potentially leading to increased disposal expenses if proper sorting isn’t done at the source. Therefore, proper segregation of recyclable materials on top of the bin is not only a cost-saving measure but also ensures compliance with the recycling requirements set by the disposal service.


    Can I fill my bin for rent to the top?

    Nothing may overflow the top of the container. All materials that exceed the top of your container must be removed.


    How many days of bin for rent service am I allowed?

    Bins For Rent offers a 7 days free of charge.


    Can I Move the Container Once It Has Been Placed?

    No. Roll-off bin can only be moved by specially designed vehicles and equipment. Attempting to move a bin to another spot could result in damage to the dumpster and may cause severe physical injury. If you need to move the dumpster after it’s been delivered, call us for assistance.


    What Are the Requirements for Disposing of Drywall During Renovations?

    For drywall from renovations, it’s mandatory to have either a date stamp or an asbestos evaluation report.

    BINS FOR RENT emphasizes that any drywall rejected at the dump for lacking these requirements will incur full-rate charges, as it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure compliance. The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) strictly enforces these policies, and their skilled staff can easily identify the age of drywall. Attempts to hide this information are likely to fail.

    In case of uncertainty about drywall disposal, a meeting will be arranged to discuss correct procedures and resolve any issues. Adhering to these regulations is crucial to avoid penalties or additional costs. It’s important for customers to be informed and compliant with these guidelines to ensure smooth and lawful disposal of renovation drywall.